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The very nature of marketing and business communication is changing to become more conversational focussed and chatbots are leading that change.. Your clients expect accurate results to their questions and requests, and they expect them quicker than ever.

Most businesses still make the mistake of using online forms or expecting the potential customer to call. Studies show that after completing an online form, the average response time a potential customer waits is 39 hours β€” which can often result in a lost lead in the age of instant communication.

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Peter vs Ebot

That has led many businesses to implement live chats with customer representatives. While live customer representatives can be an efficient replacement for forms, they are no match for the flexibility and efficiency of chatbots.

Instant Communication:
Bigger than just your website

When a potential customer asks a difficult question or requests some information, they are likely to become frustrated when the answer takes several minutes β€” or even
longer β€” to arrive. This delay can β€” and often does β€” result in a lost lead.

Chatbots change this narrative. You can determine what steps the bot will guide your client through, and even when they refer the conversation directly to you.

Always Available

Always Available

Recent studies show that 50% of prospects are making their first contact after normal business hours. Unfortunately, that means that they are left waiting until someone returns to the office.

This push for perpetually available representatives is what makes chatbots so valuable. Having an informed representative who is instantly available at all hours will help you convert the leads you get.

Where Your Customers Are:

Studies show that 70% of people would prefer to initially contact a business through chat or a messaging app, like Facebook or a website chat, than call or submit a contact form.

If you can meet your potential customers where they prefer to meet you, then you can improve your first impression and the chance of you converting that lead.

Where your customers are
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What Do We Offer?

Chatnip offers chatbots that are fully integrated into your communications software, as well as the messaging platforms where your clients are. We give you a predictable, consistent employee who learns more through each interaction and converts leads.

The goal of our chatbots β€” and their perpetual availability and instant, helpful information β€” is to help you convert on leads and to set more appointments.

We Fully Integrate

We Fully Integrate

Our chatbots work within β€” and improve β€” your existing marketing strategies and technologies. Our personalized chatbots drastically streamline and accelerate the process of scheduling meetings and getting information where it needs to go.

By connecting your chatbot with your CRM, your marketing automation processes, and your scheduling software, we increase the functional value of each of these.

We Are Platform Independent

We Are Platform Independent

Your potential customers aren’t just on your website; they are all over the web, using a variety of different websites and applications. A good marketing strategy today involves meeting your potential clients where they are, and that is exactly what we do.

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Our bots aren’t restricted by any one platform or location. We offer chatbots that you can deploy on your website, as well as in platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more.

We Visually Map out the Conversation Flow

We Fully Integrate

We work with you to create visual conversation maps. These conversation flows will lead your potential customers exactly where they want β€” and where you need them β€” to go.

We Analyze and Improve

We Are Platform Independent

Our team has years of experience in the realm of marketing, where strategies are never stagnant. We don’t continue with the same approach just because it worked in the past; we are making constant efforts to improve our product.

We run frequent A/B tests of our conversation flows to ensure that they are realistic and result in the conversions you need.

The Short List

  • Faster connection to clients.

    No longer will your new clients need to wait several minutes for a live chat operator to answer their simple question. The high speed and quality of their experience will leave them with a positive impression of your business.

  • Always available.

    Day or night, business day or holiday, you will have a predictable employee working to keep your clients and potential customers satisfied.

  • Better conversion rates.

    Research shows that 40% of leads are acquired simply by adding chat, and the chatbots we offer are designed specifically to capture more leads and set more appointments.

Faster connection to clients
Customers love Chatnip

Customers love Chatnip

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